EPSILON is a French thermal and fluidic engineering company of 25 years of experience, mainly in the aeronautics, space and energy area. Counting more than 150 engineers and technicians on its team, EPSILON delivers services to customers among the world leaders in those fields (Airbus, CNES, CEA, THALES,).

EPSILON is an ALCEN group company that responds to different system design and optimization needs for major industrial sectors (energy, aeronautics, space). EPSILON performs studies for the development of the products of its customers or for its own technologies and engages in complex design-build projects with the support and industrial strength of the ALCEN group.

EPSILON is thriving in the fields of physics, scientific computing and lastly Operational Performance. Thus, by combining its ability to multi-physical modelling / simulation and its system vision, EPSILON enables shortening the delay between the upstream phases of the projects and the validation tests.
EPSILON has chosen the expertise by focusing on certain specialties for many years while having all the operational performance of an industrial and high technology group such as ALCEN. It’s positioning, “services” and “products” at the same time, is unique in the field of engineering and allows its engineers to express all their skills.

The company is now organised into three skill centres:

  • EPSILON PHYSICS: – dedicated to physics engineering,
  • EPSILON DIGITAL: – dedicated to software,
  • EPSILON SYSTEM: – dedicated to design and integration of special systems.
  • EPSILON exhibits about eight 10 million euros turnover revenues of which 50% comes from fixed price contracts. The other part of revenues comes from time & material. contracts. EPSILON also has a significant activity in research and development to keep its level of excellence in its business core fields. As such, EPSILON is recognized as an R&D corporate structure by the French government (SRC).

Although EPSILON has a small to medium business company structure, it belongs to a large group: ALCEN. The idea is to exhibit the power of a large company (ALCEN) and keep the expertise a small company (EPSILON).
EPSILON’s field of expertise covers a broad range of activities, from thermal architecture, process simulation to optimization.


Nimesis Technology is a deep tech company expert in shape Memory Alloys (SMA) created in 2008 and with 10 years’ experience. Innovation offers technological lead; thus, Nimesis Technology supports industrials from product development up to serial production. The core business of Nimesis combines both development of new devices and serial production of actuators.

Average production capacity is 400 to 1000 actuators per month depending on technical specifications.
Our current revenue comes from three main fields: medical, space and defence. However, we also have recurrent production on nuclear fields, and jewellery.

Intellectual Property: Nimesis relies on a strong and appropriate IP strategy to build on its business case and industrial pre-eminence. Therefore, Nimesis does not intend to provide public access to any of the project deliverables described in section 3, due to their strategic aspect. Nimesis’ IP protection is ensured by BLEGER RHEIN-POUPON, a relevant IP firm which drafts patents and advises Nimesis. We believe in continuous technical knowledge development to manage and protect further technological breakthroughs. In the meantime, we rely on our strong expertise and experience in the SMA domain, knowing that MiniLLock is the result of more than 20 years of developments and adjustments.

Targeted users: Space activities represent NIMESIS main business line over the next 10 years. Several Clients from space already purchased TRIGGY for testing campaign. They are now waiting for us to deliver industrialised products. NIMESIS actuators clearly fill in a technological gap and break technical locks.

The know-How:

  • Analysis: The multitude of applications of shape Memory Alloys (SMA) requires a high level of understanding and the capacity of bringing to our client a clear and accurate answer. Nimesis Technology is working to adapt to the demands and objectives aimed by customers providing them with a quick technical and economic answer.
  • Project monitoring: From technical analysis to industrial production including, design, development, prototyping, control, and component qualification, we are monitoring the project in respect to specifications, quality and deadline.
  • Expertise: Our expertise and that of our customers combine quickly and efficiently to advance solutions. Our main skills are design, sizing, shaping, heat treatment, and manufacturing of SMA components. The control and understanding of thermo-mechanical behaviour of these complex alloys is the key to the success of our projects.
  • Production: A significant part of our revenue comes from recurrent productions. Mainly for medical applications, customers already developed the product and only require production capacity.

Akkodis technologies

Akkodis is a global digital engineering company and Smart Industry leader. We enable clients to advance in their digital transformation with Talent, Academy, Consulting, and Solutions services. Our 50,000 experts combine best-in-class technologies, R&D, and deep sector know-how for purposeful innovation. We are passionate about Engineering a Smarter Future Together. With a shared passion for technology and talent, 50,000 engineers and digital experts deliver deep cross-sector expertise in 30 countries across North America, EMEA and APAC. Akkodis offers broad industry experience, and strong know-how in key technology sectors such as mobility, software & technology services, robotics, testing, simulations, data security, AI & data analytics. The combined IT and engineering expertise brings a unique end-to-end solution offering, with four service lines – Consulting, Solutions, Talents and Academy – to support clients in rethinking their product development and business processes, improve productivity, minimise time to market and shape a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow. Akkodis is part of the Adecco Group.


Atherm is a SME working in the field of thermal management, industrial supplier of cooling systems since 1988, our main customers are Alstom, Bombardier, Thales, Schneider Electric, Zodiac…

Employing 30 people, Atherm works from the definition of the specification of systems to serial manufacturing, and is able to dimension, simulate, design, prototype and test two phase cooling systems as well as liquid cooling systems. Our design office is able to work on mechanical design, thermal management and thermal design (using analytic dimensioning tools as well as numerical software). Prototypes are also assembled and qualified in our laboratory. 4 persons work in the R&D program of the company.

15 persons are dedicated to the production department.