Clean Sky

Clean Sky

Development and integration of a passive ventilation opening system in turboreactor

What is Paloma ?

Paloma is a European project, part of the Horizon 2020 Clean Sky program. With the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this project considers an innovative approach to reduce the fuel consumption of next generation aircrafts.


As next propulsion systems generation are being more and more efficient, it becomes crucial to optimise the ventilation of the engine’s core compartment.

Currently, the ventilation of the core compartment is conventionally sized to avoid flammable vapour concentration and to ensure sufficient cooling for the equipments during the most critical phases (typically at take-off). Therefore, the ventilation is not optimised for less critical flight phases, such as cruise, which represents most of the flight time and leads to unnecessary fuel consumption. And .

To improve this situation, Paloma project aims at designing an adaptive ventilation system that adjusts the cooling of the core compartment depending on its temperature.

To do so, passive actuation has been considered. This makes the system both light and reliable.


  • Environmental friendly : PALOMA will permit to save fuel by optimising the ventilation of the engine for a very limited additional weight
  • SME and big companies working together, bringing the best of each of them: the consortium is composed of 3 SME (Atherm, Epsilon and Nimesis), 1 multinational company (Akkodis). Another multinational company (Airbus) is the topic leader
  • Made in France: all activities are performed in 3 regions of France
  • Passive system but active effects : activation is automatic, based on the engine thermal environment
  • From space to aeronautic : shape metal alloy and heat pipes have been used for more than 20 years in spacecraft.
  • PALOMA aims to be installed on future aircrafts but potentially, in-service aircrafts could be retrofitted to install PALOMA
  • Low cost operations : system is simple and low weight. Maintenance operations are very limited, only a check of the system may be considered